How Are These Made?

Our dials are made by hand using computer-drawn images patterned after genuine porcelain and melamine dials. We start with a genuine dial to use as a template or model. We then hand draw a computer image of the dial. This image is then printed on heavy photo stock one layer at a time. The layers are then cut out, punched, dressed and assembled to produce single and double sunk dials. This process produces a very beautiful and durable dial that is very close to the thickness of an original dial. The dials have blank backs -- that is no feet. They must be held in place by double sided tape or "glue dots". Glue dots, sometimes called dial dots, are gelatin-like adhesive disks about 3/16" in diameter and very sticky. They can be placed over or near the foot holes on the watch frame and will hold the dial firmly in place. They also can be easily removed and do not harm or mark the watch in any way.

Although replacement dials can be manufactured by means other than our process, we are convinced that our dials are the most economical for the quality of dial that you are receiving. Original and other replacement dials can cost $50.00 or more -- if you can find them. Our goal is to provide a good value for the money and supply dials that are within the reach of the average collector or owner of a vintage watch.

These dials are not meant as replacements for porcelain or melamine dials on collector's quality high-grade watches. These watches deserve genuine dials to preserve their collector value and authenticity. But if you are a casual collector of one or more vintage watches and are in need of an attractive replacement dial at a reasonable cost these are the dials for you.